MuSAE Lab is on Github

MuSAE Lab is now on Github. Stay tuned as we migrate our open-source software. Tools will soon be available for room acoustics characterization (RT60, DRR), reverberant speech quality estimation (SRMR, SRMR_norm), and GUIs for API/SDK access to raw data from Interaxon MUSE, Emotiv EEG, and ENOBIO.

Interspeech and IWAENC papers accepted!

Congratulations to MuSAE Lab members who had their papers accepted to Interspeech 2014 and IWAENC 2014. 1) Improving the Performance of Far-Field Speaker Verification Using Multi-Condition Training: The Case of GMM-UBM and i-vector Systems 2) An improved non-intrusive intelligibility metric for noisy and reverberant speech