Monthly Archives: January 2015

MuSAE Lab will welcome 2 MITACS Globalink interns this spring/summer

MuSAE Lab will host two MITACS Globalink undergraduate interns (one from India, the other from Mexico) this spring/summer 2015. They will work on the projects: “Development of a smartphone-based acoustic environment tracker for speech enhancement applications” and “Hacking an off-the-shelf EEG headset for a motor imagery brain-computer interface”. Stay tuned for more updates!

MuLES (MuSAE Lab EEG Server) codes up on GitHub

The MuLES (MuSAE Lab EEG Server) open source software codes are finally up on GitHub. Its an EEG acquisition and streaming server that aims at creating a standard interface for portable EEG headsets, in order to accelerate the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and of general EEG use in novel contexts. Codes can be found Continue Reading