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New projects are continuously arising so we are always on the lookout for bright and motivated graduate students (and the occasional summer intern and postdoctoral fellow) to join our team. Generally, successful candidates will possess experience and strong knowledge in three or more of the following areas: multimedia (audio/speech/video) signal processing, pattern recognition, sensor fusion, biomedical signal processing, clinical engineering, human factors analysis, perceptual and cognitive modeling, and multimodal neuroimaging. Strong programming skills in Matlab and/or other programming languages are required. Experience with writing ethics documents, participant recruitment, and human subject data collection will be considered assets, as will experience with hardware interfacing and iOS/Android programming. Interested candidates should send their transcripts (unofficial copies), CV’s, research interests and relevant publications (if applicable) to Dr. Tiago H. Falk.
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted; sending numerous “reminder” emails will not help your case.

Useful information:

If you are considering joining INRS-EMT, the Zeitgeist Lab has compiled some very useful information about living in Montreal and studying at INRS – definitely worth checking out. Moreover, if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, check out the NSERC and FQRNT websites for scholarship opportunities for graduate and postdoctoral researchers. If you are a foreign student, you may be eligible for two scholarship opportunities from FQRNT. Interested international candidates are also encouraged to search for scholarship opportunities from their home country, such as the Organization of the American States.