This website will serve as a repository for useful open-source software used by MuSAE Lab members, developed both in-house or by third parties. Site will be updated periodically.


1. SRMR (speech-to-reverberation modulation energy ratio) Matlab toolbox: Useful for blindly measuring the quality/intelligibility of a reverberant speech signal and/or to assess the performance of your dereverebration algorithm. Four versions are available: i) original version, ii) a fast implementation, iii) a normalized implementation with reduced inter and intra-speaker variability, and iv) a version for cochlear implant users. Developed by João Santos and Prof. Tiago Falk.

2. MuLES (MuSAE Lab EEG Server) open source code: an EEG acquisition and streaming server that aims at creating a standard interface for portable EEG headsets, in order to accelerate the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and of general EEG use in novel contexts. Latest version is compatible with Interaxon Muse, Emotiv EEG, Neuroelectrics Enobio, and OpenBCI devices. Developers: Raymundo Cassani and Hubert Banville.

3. MUSE EEG headband OSC packet reader: Matlab implementation. Developed by Raymundo Cassani.

4. Kinect integration with LEGO EV3 robot: Matlab KEV3. This toolkit allows for gesture control of a LEGO EV3 robot using left hand to control robot forward/backwards and right hand to control robot left/right. Developed by Liviu Ivanescu.

5. LabVIEW OpenBCI Toolkit: This toolkit implements the OpenBCI communication protocol in LabVIEW to write (configuration) and read (configuration, raw EEG data and acceleration data) from the OpenBCI board V3. Developed by Raymundo Cassani.

6. LabVIEW BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Toolkit: This BLE toolkit for LabVIEW is an implementation of the API Bluegica BGAPI v1.3, that allows to communicate with Bluegiga BLE(D)11x and WF121 devices using USB/UART. Developed by Raymundo Cassani.

Member GitHUb Repositories:

1. MuSAE Lab: (multimedia/biomedical related)
2. João Santos: (audio related)
3. Raymundo Cassani: (biomedical related)
4. Milton Paja: (audio related)


1. COLEA: A Matlab Software Tool for Speech Analysis from UT Dallas (P. Loizou’s Lab). Other software available here.

2. VoiceSauce – A program for voice analysis from UCLA. (A. Alwan’s Lab).

3. RASTA/PLP/MFCC Matlab toolbox from Columbia. (D. Ellis’ Lab)

4. Matlab implementation of PEAQ from McGill (P. Kabal’s Lab)

5. VOICEBOX Speech Processing Matlab toolbox from Imperial College London (M. Brooke’s Lab).

6. FaNT (Filter and Noise-adding Tool) from Niederrhein (H.-G. Hirsch’s Lab).

7. NSL Matlab toolbox available from the Neural Systems Lab, University of Maryland (S. Shamma’s Lab)